Issues surrounding Wide Plank Flooring and how to address them

If you are thinking about having wide plank hardwood flooring installed in your home, the product itself looks wonderful. It has that country feel by providing that essence of wood burning with an oil based finish containing and assortment of rich colours. You have the sense with wide plank flooring that this type of flooring system would be great for your decorating needs. As the sales staff at Canadian Flooring Downsview, we want to let our entire customer base know that wide plank flooring is very nice; however there are rules – once something is wider, there are more shrinkage problems. While we attempt to create a decorating dream for our entire customers in mind; items such as wide planks with rich colours and long lengths are issues that we need to address.

It is understood that wood floors such as wide plank flooring should last for a good period of at least 10 years, so we need to inform all our customers in Toronto, Ontario and the GTA of the functionality and performance that relates with the wood floors that you are interested in installing in your home. If you have a home that is dry, your flooring will be dry as well. Signs that your home has humidity is that the showers may be running a lot, the windows may be sweating, and with that, the humidity in the home can rise as well.

Wide plank hardwood flooring is no different, as it will both expand and contract reflecting these changes, as it can shrink on dry days and expand on wet days. For example, a 6″ wide plank can either expand or shrink more than a 3″ wide plank on a certain change in the humidity in your Toronto home. This unfortunately puts pressure on the nails used to hold the wood in place, with a 6″ wide plank wood floor having only half the amount of nails needed to hold it down compared with a 3″ floor.

Therefore, when the wide plank wood will want to move, it may react more so than a narrow wood floor; for example wider boards will contain less nails & with the humidity change result in more problems. So with that said, what can be done to deal with this?

Canadian Flooring Downsview has some solutions that will help you alleviate this problem:

  • Make sure that you control the humidity levels in your Toronto Ontario home with both air conditioners and with humidifiers, limiting seasonal variations
  • Choose a wood floor that is narrower and contains more nails resulting in fewer problems regarding your wide plank flooring

Whatever it is, wide plank flooring is great options and Canadian Flooring Downsview will be able to assist you in choosing the right flooring for you.

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Advantages of taking care of hardwood flooring

If you are looking at installing new hardwood flooring in your home in Toronto, Ontario area, you are creating a significant investment, and one such type of hardwood flooring option is strand woven bamboo floors. The experts at Canadian Flooring Downsview will provide you with valuable information and care ensuring that your hardwood floors will last for as long as possible while continuing to look great. We have listed a few vital points regarding the cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning your hardwood flooring properly is important and needs to be performed regularly. This will prevent items and particles from sticking to your hardwood flooring, which can eventually lead to dents and possible scratches. Below, Canadian Flooring Downsview offers tips on how to clean your floors in Toronto and throughout the GTA:

When cleaning your hardwood flooring, treat it with a damp cloth to remove the dust that accumulates on the floor, and wipe dry in order to not have more dirt be built up while being walked on. You can also use a vacuum, but be sure to use a head with bristles at the end of it to avoid denting or scratching. Your hardwood flooring needs to be mopped every other week, depending on how much you walk on it. The most suitable cleaning options are ones that do not include ammonia based cleaners. If something spills onto the floor, cleaning it up quickly is important. Preventing moisture on your hardwood flooring will help to prevent damaging the wood. Hardwood flooring does not need to be waxed, because it will damage the floor.

With Canadian Flooring Downsview in Toronto, Ontario, we can help you to prevent further damage to your hardwood flooring by placing rugs and mats in highly trafficked areas. The bottom of rugs and mats may contain rubber, which could scratch the floor, make sure that you avoid this. It is also important to clean all rugs and mats regularly. This will help prevent dirt build-up on your hardwood flooring, ultimately leading to damage.

Some final points regarding cleaning and maintaining, if you have a pet, be sure that the pet claws are trimmed on a regular basis, because they may scratch the hardwood flooring finish. Another factor is your furniture, which should have protective pads at the bottom of the legs in order to prevent possible scratching. Spiky high heels can also cause scratching and denting, damaging the floors. With Canadian Flooring Downsview, you will be able to enjoy choosing the highest quality in hardwood flooring with diamond finishing, installed by professional installer in Toronto, Ontario.

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Deciding on the hardwood flooring company in Ontario

Hardwood is commonly used for flooring for your home in Toronto, Ontario. As interest in hardwood floors has increased, there is a great spike in the desire for people looking to renovate older homes by installing hardwood floors. Hardwood floors vary in price, depending on brand, species, size, grade, finish and color, and it can be expensive. However, there are many different options for deciding on the hardwood floors that are right for you. It is good to know that when searching for hardwood floors in Toronto, Ontario and when looking to find a reliable company in Toronto to be able to meet your expense budget, so you will be completely satisfied.

It is important to know different types of hardwood floors that you can choose from, including solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, great for a condominium in Toronto, which will make the cost of your hardwood project a more cost-option, so it is important to know the different options prior to purchasing hardwood floors in Toronto. Many hardwood floor companies service Toronto and the GTA, offering services to be able to find answers to your questions and also walk you through their showroom to present you with different types of hardwood floors that are available.

Canadian Flooring Downsview in Toronto will offer you with that professional service to assist you with deciding on what hardwood floors are right for your home. Our shops conveniently located in Toronto, St. Catharines and Barrie Canadian Flooring Downsview services also the whole of the GTA such as Thornhill, North York, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Woodbridge and Markham. We offer you with assistance for your hardwood floor requests by providing you initial consulting services for the various hardwood floors in our locations, and based on your price point, your preference, we have hardwood flooring that will best suit your home, keeping in mind what room you are looking at renovating.

With hardwood floors that will enhance the look and value of your home, deciding to go with Canadian Flooring Downsview is a wise choice, because we will offer you with very competitive pricing on the hardwood floors and will recommend you free estimate service from a professional installers that they provide in your home. Do not settle for just anyone, choose a company that can provide you with quality service before you buy, when you buy and after to buy have a full service that is satisfactory from Canadian Flooring Downsview.

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Hardwood floor installation services on a budget

Planning to renovate your Toronto Ontario home with upgrading your floors, however, you are faced with a challenge of being on a budget; there are many options that you can consider that will allow you the possibilities to upgrade your home and still make it attractive while still maintaining that budget you have set for yourself. Some things that can be done include choosing from a variety of different types of floor products that will enhance the already existing floors that are in place. If the ultimate goal is to add true value towards your home with making certain rooms more attractive, upgrading with hardwood floors instead of carpeting, is a great option, along with replacing vinyl flooring with a more durable and nicer looking engineered hardwood floor.

Many companies exist in Toronto, Ontario and throughout the GTA to assist you with your floor upgrade project for your home. These areas within the GTA include Thornhill, Brampton, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Etobicoke and Markham. All will be able to offer you with services for replacing your current floors at home with adding hardwood flooring for example. One company that will do this for you is Canadian Flooring Downsview in Toronto, Ontario. There are advantages to dealing with us including being able to work with your budget of solid, engineered or laminate flooring and replacing the carpeting or vinyl flooring that is in place currently. Even though solid hardwood flooring is the priciest option for flooring, it adds the highest value to your home.

However, it is not the only option to enhance the look and value of your home where carpeting exists. Bamboo floor options, especially strand-woven bamboo with click systems are also a great option of upgrading your home, while not having to spend as much as hardwood floors. Solid hardwood flooring is also a good choice because it will not collect dust that carpeting can collect, making the air in the room cleaner, especially for those that suffer from breathing issues. Hardwood flooring is just an overall upgrade to a room that contains wall to wall carpeting.

Whatever you choose for your floor upgrades, the first choice is to go to Canadian Flooring Downsview, visit their showrooms, speak with a sales associate and make a wide choice. Whatever type of flooring that you choose to go with, based on your budget, it is important to note that you can get this flooring material without breaking the bank. For those that have a little more flexibility, going with solid hardwood flooring is a wise option, however, engineered wood flooring, bamboo and/or laminate flooring are also great options for your floor upgrades.

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Choosing the right type of floors for your home

Upgrading floors in your home is a great option especially for an older home along with looking to add value towards the home as you may be ready to sell your home. Whatever the case may be, if your home contains carpeting, now is a great opportunity to upgrade the look and feel of your home to wood floors including solid hardwood floors, engineered flooring, bamboo and/or laminate floors. It is recommended that when renovating your home, to remove the carpeting then installing new floors to bring your home to life, which includes the bedrooms, the living and dining space, the basement and any other areas within your home. With many types of floors available in the market however, seeking the advice of a professional in Toronto is a key. A professional will provide you with initial consulting services where you can find out more information on all types of flooring that are available.

Alternative types of floors can range from solid hardwood floors, where each piece of hardwood contains a single plank of a different species of wood manufactured for the purpose of floors in your home. Another option is purchasing engineered wood flooring, a more cost-effective option, and a wise choice for a condominium upgrade. Engineered wood floors are great as well as it is more affordable than solid hardwood and for those on a budget, this is ideal.

Looking for a professional flooring company within Ontario that will offer you different types of flooring materials for your home, while providing information to assist you with purchasing wood floors, and then look to Canadian Flooring Downsview. We encourage all our customers to visit our showrooms and view large selection of our floor products and then decide on the flooring that is right for you. We service all of Ontario, the Toronto and GTA areas including St. Catharines, Barrie, Brampton, Mississauga, Pickering, Thornhill, Markham, North York, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke and Scarborough. Our trained professionals and sales associates will answer all of your questions you may have regarding wood flooring while being able to offer you prices on what we have and the steps needed to install wood floors in your home.

With Canadian Flooring Downsview, Toronto we can provide you with many options regarding floors that are right for you. Be sure to learn first hand all different types of floors so you will end up choosing the right floors for your home. So when you are looking to replace carpeting or vinyl floors in your home to hardwood, be sure to consider solid hardwood, engineered, bamboo or laminate flooring from Canadian Flooring Downsview.

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