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Choosing the right type of floors for your home

Posted by on February 20, 2013

Upgrading floors in your home is a great option especially for an older home along with looking to add value towards the home as you may be ready to sell your home. Whatever the case may be, if your home contains carpeting, now is a great opportunity to upgrade the look and feel of your home to wood floors including solid hardwood floors, engineered flooring, bamboo and/or laminate floors. It is recommended that when renovating your home, to remove the carpeting then installing new floors to bring your home to life, which includes the bedrooms, the living and dining space, the basement and any other areas within your home. With many types of floors available in the market however, seeking the advice of a professional in Toronto is a key. A professional will provide you with initial consulting services where you can find out more information on all types of flooring that are available.

Alternative types of floors can range from solid hardwood floors, where each piece of hardwood contains a single plank of a different species of wood manufactured for the purpose of floors in your home. Another option is purchasing engineered wood flooring, a more cost-effective option, and a wise choice for a condominium upgrade. Engineered wood floors are great as well as it is more affordable than solid hardwood and for those on a budget, this is ideal.

Looking for a professional flooring company within Ontario that will offer you different types of flooring materials for your home, while providing information to assist you with purchasing wood floors, and then look to Canadian Flooring Downsview. We encourage all our customers to visit our showrooms and view large selection of our floor products and then decide on the flooring that is right for you. We service all of Ontario, the Toronto and GTA areas including St. Catharines, Barrie, Brampton, Mississauga, Pickering, Thornhill, Markham, North York, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke and Scarborough. Our trained professionals and sales associates will answer all of your questions you may have regarding wood flooring while being able to offer you prices on what we have and the steps needed to install wood floors in your home.

With Canadian Flooring Downsview, Toronto we can provide you with many options regarding floors that are right for you. Be sure to learn first hand all different types of floors so you will end up choosing the right floors for your home. So when you are looking to replace carpeting or vinyl floors in your home to hardwood, be sure to consider solid hardwood, engineered, bamboo or laminate flooring from Canadian Flooring Downsview.

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