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Advantages of taking care of hardwood flooring

Posted by on April 2, 2013

If you are looking at installing new hardwood flooring in your home in Toronto, Ontario area, you are creating a significant investment, and one such type of hardwood flooring option is strand woven bamboo floors. The experts at Canadian Flooring Downsview will provide you with valuable information and care ensuring that your hardwood floors will last for as long as possible while continuing to look great. We have listed a few vital points regarding the cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning your hardwood flooring properly is important and needs to be performed regularly. This will prevent items and particles from sticking to your hardwood flooring, which can eventually lead to dents and possible scratches. Below, Canadian Flooring Downsview offers tips on how to clean your floors in Toronto and throughout the GTA:

When cleaning your hardwood flooring, treat it with a damp cloth to remove the dust that accumulates on the floor, and wipe dry in order to not have more dirt be built up while being walked on. You can also use a vacuum, but be sure to use a head with bristles at the end of it to avoid denting or scratching. Your hardwood flooring needs to be mopped every other week, depending on how much you walk on it. The most suitable cleaning options are ones that do not include ammonia based cleaners. If something spills onto the floor, cleaning it up quickly is important. Preventing moisture on your hardwood flooring will help to prevent damaging the wood. Hardwood flooring does not need to be waxed, because it will damage the floor.

With Canadian Flooring Downsview in Toronto, Ontario, we can help you to prevent further damage to your hardwood flooring by placing rugs and mats in highly trafficked areas. The bottom of rugs and mats may contain rubber, which could scratch the floor, make sure that you avoid this. It is also important to clean all rugs and mats regularly. This will help prevent dirt build-up on your hardwood flooring, ultimately leading to damage.

Some final points regarding cleaning and maintaining, if you have a pet, be sure that the pet claws are trimmed on a regular basis, because they may scratch the hardwood flooring finish. Another factor is your furniture, which should have protective pads at the bottom of the legs in order to prevent possible scratching. Spiky high heels can also cause scratching and denting, damaging the floors. With Canadian Flooring Downsview, you will be able to enjoy choosing the highest quality in hardwood flooring with diamond finishing, installed by professional installer in Toronto, Ontario.

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